ATS Unveils Corporate Identity Program For Corporations And Their Franchisees

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CID program

ATS Sales is Trespa’s international distribution partner for the CID program. The Corporate Identity Program (CID) works with franchisees to assist them with the management of with large-scale Trespa facade projects. We have a great team of professional engineers, estimators, and fabricators, a talented marketing team and an award-winning inside sales team to provide you with excellent support and service.

ATS Sales is centrally located to provide easy reach to all points across the US and Canada. With our Quick Ship Panel website, contractors have direct access to our extensive inventory program 24-hours a day- making ATS a convenient partner for fast and easy ordering.


Support we offer

  • Specification packages including:
    • Budget Pricing
    • Design packages
    • CSI specs, Schedules
    • Cut Sheets
    • BIM/Revit files
  • Value Engineering Options
  • Safety Stock
  • Best-in-class Lead Times
  • North American Coverage & Coordination

Programs we offer

  • Multiple CEUs
  • Design Assist/Optimization
  • Inventory/Stocking
  • Corporate Identity Program ( CID Program)
  • Approved Installers
  • Technical Support (on & offsite)
  • Fabrication


Recent CID Projects:

  • Nathan’s Famous The prototype for all future locations features a vibrant Trespa facade.Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs 1 Corporate Identity Program
  • Sporting Life – New design for this franchise is timeless, rustic, and distinctly Canadian.  Sport life Corporate Identity Project
  • Canadian Tire Made waves in the design community with its updated look.Canadian Tire Corporate Identity Program
  • Dunkin Donuts – Dunkin Donuts selected Trespa due to its functionality and its low cost of ownership. Dunkin Donuts Corporate Identity Program


Contact Linda Fogazzi – Corporate Identity Development (CID)

For more information or to discuss CID projects.

Email Linda