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With the motto, “keep living”, Pressalit Care develops, manufactures, and markets flexible bathroom and kitchen solutions to enable people with old age or physical/mental disabilities to live life to the fullest, by assisting in creating a barrier free space.

The value of Pressalit Care products lies in the luxury of allowing families with low functional capacity to live a completely normal life with as a few restrictions as possible. Pressalit Care develops bathroom products including changing tables that are available for babies and disabled adults and children; bathroom solutions that are designed to move laterally using horizontal wall track systems; and kitchen solutions which include height-adjustable lifting units, creating ergonomic settings in small or large areas.

Brochures on bathroom design:
Brochures on bathroom design for people with reduced functional capacity and disabilities, and product catalogues.

– PLUS – the flexible bathroom (PDF)
– VALUE – funtional bathroom solutions (PDF)

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E-Learning Tool – The Plus System

Pressalit Care Nursing bench – R8538

Allied Technical Sales Inc. (ATS) represents Pressalit Care in Canada (Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut)